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God's love or God's punishment

Society has two choices:

  1. Man in his pride decides his own laws and values in society
  2. Society humbles itself before God and submits to his rules and peace.

    - When God's patience runs thin He funnels his judgment on a godless society with a godless government.
    - God has given us the ten commandments (among others) as a guideline for a hopeful society.
    - We've already seen massive violation of Gods commandments in society in the last decades.

We'll take two commandments as an example:

You shall not kill.
--> blood guilt

- We see massive violation of this commandment in (e.g.) the many abortions.

The seventh commandment is: you shall not commit adultery

There is a lot of divorce in our days!


Growth and downfall of the Roman Empire

  1. A steadily increasing divorce rate and increasing number of broken families.
  2. An untamed and degrading lust for pleasure in all layers of society.
  3. An increasing demand for morally unacceptable entertainment.
  4. A wave of Eastern religions and the dwindling awareness of the need of a firm-founded religion.
  5. As we can see, the main reason for the downfall of the empire was selfishness. This also manifested itself in a lack of mercy for the weaker of society.
  6. A government whose expenses exceeded it's income.

Violating God's laws is as much an affair of the heart as it is an outward affair.

  • 'outward affair' means an act that has been committed (coming from the heart)
  • 'inner affair' means a thought that hasn't been committed, but is nonetheless sinful

A comparison of Islam and personal faith in Jesus Christ


  • Serving one God (Allah)
  • This godhead (Allah) has it's source in polytheism.
  • Hope of being justified before God by one's own religious deeds and efforts.
  • Jesus Christ is a prophet, but Muhammed is the greatest prophet (Mahdi).
  • Their god has no son.
  • Revenge, often through personal action, is condoned.
  • Woman is not equal to man (Sura 2:282)
  • The sword is symbolic for physical warfar (if necessary). (Sura 8:39)
  • Etc.

Personal faith in Jesus Christ!

  • serving one God
  • This faith has it's source in Abraham's time.
  • By faith in Jesus Christ's sacrifice for our sins we are assured of justification.
  • None of our own religious efforts can justify us for our eternal salvation.
  • Jesus Christ is the prophet ánd the Son of God. He is therefore the only way to God.
  • Christians are not to take revenge in their own strength, but are to leave all vengeance to God and He will repay.
  • Woman is equal to man, also in the area of sexuality.
  • The sword is symbolic of the spiritual warfare against demonic forces (not against people of flesh and blood). (Ephesians 6:11)

Christianity has also known her 'holy' wars. Among others, muslims like to point a finger at the crusades. Indeed, the crusades are a blemish on the history of Christianity, but don't' forget that Europe may otherwise have come under Islamic rule. The great difference with Islam, though, is that neither the gospel or the example of Jesus Christ teach holy war, while the Qur'an and the example of Muhammed do!

  • the sword: this is a symbol of battle or war. This physical and spiritual battle could lead to an expulsion of our own Western people.
  • there are a couple of reasons for the rise of Islam in Europe:
    • indifference and moral decline of our own people (see website
    • increase in suicide amongst our own people and massive abortion rate
    • corporate apostasy from Christianity and the adding of other idolatrous (demonic) religions…
  • epidemics: the outbreak of such widespread diseases are usually caused by a lack of hygiene, often following to natural disasters or wars etc.
  • hunger: can have been caused by natural disasters or the collapse of the economic system

Personal judgment could be: hell

The greatest disappointment for humanity without God.
Humbling ourselves before God
Humility before God prevents humiliation by God.
A period of true fasting is therefore showing love to God and our neighbor by freeing our time to seek His will and plan for our lives and that of others (i.e. our society).
Acknowledging personal sin, perhaps also certain sin committed in ignorance. One of these sins could be rebellion: the deliberate rejection of God's love (Ezekiel 12:1-2)
Asking God's forgiveness for sins committed by our society.
Society has, in general, acted unrighteously and lived corporately in disobedience to His laws.
People have therefore served other gods. An idol is something or somebody that takes the place of God or stands between Him and us.
Only God and his creatures can bring about revival.

Gods ten commandments as the measure for society.


Zechariah 4:6

The ten commandments (summarized)

  1. Don't worship any other Gods besides Me;
  2. Don't make any idols, don't bow before them, don't worship them;
  3. Don't misuse the name of the Lord;
  4. Honour the Sabbath, it is a Holy day, set apart for the Lord;
  5. Honour your father and your mother, show respect for them;
  6. Don't murder;
  7. Don't commit adultery;
  8. Don't steal;
  9. Don't give false witness about anybody;
  10. Don't covet the house of your neighbour, or his wife or whatever belongs to him.

Change of name for Europe

The name 'Europe' refers to a woman who was raped by a bull according to a Greek legend.
Change of pagan names of the week days.

Investment tax

Tax on shares and exchange profits.

Buisness accommodation

Faster clearance of accommodation.

Development cooperation

Poor countries that are too corrupt are to be put under higher international pressure.
Contending parties in poorer countries that are at war with each other are to be gathered around the table for diplomatic reasoning.
Faster and bolder intervention by peace troops.
The direct results of the support of development projects must, after a period of time, be visible to the donating countries (as well as to individuals, via the media, e.g. through specialized TV programs, the internet etc.)
Introduction of tax on pornographic material, violence, horror and the paranormal.
This introduction must happen under the supervision of an independent board of censors, who also established the standard.
After a certain standard is established everything that exceeds this standard must be more heavily taxed.
This tax is introduced directly and without further discussion on all publicity that uses porn (e.g. advertisements for escort agencies, sex phone lines etc. including all their activities).
The same goes for all activities in the paranormal world.
The revenue of this tax is to go to the weaker and the needy people in our society, like the ill, the elderly, orphans etc.

Tax reduction

Social expenses have to go down, also for the self-employed.
Self-employed that are in an 'official' profession get a general tax reduction, as well as insurance.

Support of marriage and family

Encourage marriage by publicity campaigns that aren't geared toward adultery and seduction but toward perseverance.
Free marriage courses and free marriage counseling with the support of qualified counseling agencies.
Single-wage families with a low income must get extra financial support, by giving the partner who stays at home an added wage.
Encourage working from the home, which ensures children get the attention they need from their parents.
Increase of the birth premium.


Excessive use of alcohol is unhealthy and hazardous, not only to traffic safety, but also to social safety (e.g. bar fights etc.)
Introduction of a tax on alcohol, by a compulsory raise of the sales price of alcoholic beverages (relative to the consumption) in the catering industry and other places of entertainment.
This tax must first and foremost benefit health care.

Widows and widowers

They retain their pension rights when having remarried.
Organize events, specially for widows and widowers to encourage social contact.

Health insurance

Less medical expenses due to divine healing.
Stricter dealing with the abuse of medical costs.
People with heavy and chronic illnesses that have high medical costs get more of these costs paid back, depending on their social status.
An eye test for people above 55 years of age, and that every 5 years.
Partial refunding of spectacle lenses or contact lenses every 5 years, at presentation of an official invoice.
Spare glasses compulsory for all bearers of spectacles/contact lenses who drive a vehicle.
Even better prevention (e.g. through advertising campaigns) of diseases due to unhealthy living habits.

Fighting poverty

An even better investigation of and dealing with the causes of poverty among certain people groups.
Children from poor families should be encouraged in their ambition through better coaching.

Automobile traffic

Encourage the purchase of electric cars by making them VAT and tax free.
Higher taxation of diesel cars with a cylinder content exceeding 2000 cc.
Encourage shipping transport.

Equality of man and woman

Women that do the same work men do, must be paid the same wage.


Encourage adoption of local children by (e.g.) very low financial adoption contribution.


Development of bigger and more up-to-date orphanages.
Extra staff if necessary.

Traffic safety

Speed checks.
Announcements in the media of the whereabouts of speed checks must be forbidden.
5 km/h tolerance on all roads within the built-up area.
10 km/h tolerance on all motorways.
More drug and alcohol controls through a better infrastructure.

Foreign policy

Better and faster retraining of naturalized foreigners.
Foreign women who want to work in the prostitution, get no resident permit (unless change of profession)
Stricter control of traffic in women.
Foreigners who accept a job here and succeed in practicing it for at least 5 years, can be naturalized.


More planting of trees (ten thousands a year).
Better promotion of solar energy.

Slander penalty

Slandering somebody over the media must be prosecuted.

Child protection

Free internet filter must be promoted.
Parents must be better informed.


No more delays because of procedural errors.
Build more prisons to prevent overpopulation.
A better aimed investment of fines, e.g. to help build more prisons.

Less food waste


Make retirement homes cheaper.
Encourage eldercare (at home).


Fraud: heavier punishment for fraud
Corruption: heavier punishment for political corruption
Drugs: heavier punishment for drug lords and drug smugglers.
Stricter drug controls at airports, in night clubs etc.
More staff and drug detection dogs.
More strategic infiltration in the drugs environment.
Better prevention of drugs through publicity campaigns and presentations.


Discourage young age and extra marital sex.
More shelters for women who got pregnant involuntarily.
Raise the birth premium.
Abolish abortion, except in exceptional cases (when the life of the mother is in danger etc.)

Abortion is also an abomination in God's eyes.


Better counseling of patients dealing with suffering.
Abolish euthanasia.
Nobody should be allowed to involve others in their self chosen death.

Protection of employment

Companies that have a large turnover musn't be allowed to dismiss people that easily.

Change of name for the national football team.

(Red Devils)

Abolition of gay marriages

Gay marriage is a figment of (a) godless government(s)


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