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Not stinginess in itself, but greed is called idolatry in the Bible. Wealth in itself isn't branded as idolatry, but it often leads to a condition of the heart in which we don't want to share of our wealth with the poor, in spite of our riches. The lust for more often shuts out our sense of responsibility to help others and that's how selfishness grows.

Greed is an idol that can change character and can deceive people into experiencing a false peace. It gives satisfaction to gain something but we mustn't place our trust in earthly possessions. These are fleeting, compared to eternity. God wants us to come to Him for peace and security in order that we may continue our journey with Him in eternity. People often say: "You don't take anything with you when you die," but actually you can gather heavenly treasures here on earth! It is more blessed to give than to receive!
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